Magnetic Messaging Reviews

Magnetic messaging is a guide that runs across everything about sending texts and messages that are related to the phone when actually wooing a woman.

In essence, each and every person these days has got a phone. It therefore becomes sensible to learn how to send text messages with the phone if one wants to pick up women successfully.

The magnetic messaging guide has particularly been designed to suit beginners who are in the dating scene so that they can easily master the game of texting.

Magnetic messaging also offers the techniques that can be applied for you to elaborately communicate with women using text messages.

When you use the magnetic messaging, the results that you will obtain are that the women that you are texting will be more exited and will be so much willing to come along with you.

Magnetic messaging is detailed in that it covers a range of situations with the women involved like if you have never gone out with the woman, if you have gone out with her but no difference has ever been made more than that and also if the woman involved is actually in a relationship with you.

The magnetic messaging therefore focuses on teaching you on how to craft text messages that will bring about the desired outcomes.

The desired outcomes can be; to set the emotions of the woman to be raging, to build a connection with the woman or to actually deal with her logistics.

The authors

The magnetic messaging is an eBook that is available in a downloaded form. This product is a collaborative effort brought about by two individuals who are dating experts.

The experts are; Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. In January 01, 2012, Rob Judge in his company that is named Date hotter Girls released the magnetic mastermind kit which is a program that functions as part of the magnetic messaging.

The kit is a compilation of Rob Judge’s two years of communicating with women through text messages.

What is included in magnetic messaging?

Most women come up with a conclusion that men are creatures who in many cases would like to bonk and drown into each and every skirt that crosses their eyes.

The women say this with a sneer and do not actually say it as a compliment. What every person has got to understand is that whether the statement is true or false, there are a handful of women who have got the potential of doing so.

If we take an example, if a guy comes across a girl’s phone number, it becomes obvious that if the guy has never undergone the magnetic messaging course then he will send a few text messages to the girl and will never go any far.

Even though persistence sometimes can bring about the desired results, then no one would like to suffer several months of persistence yet he could have just in three text messages accomplished his mission.

Since it is not a simple task to text a girl, most of the guys usually fall into a pit of a zone of friendship which has never been the intention of most men since most of them actually intend to bonk.

The problem that most of the guys are encountering is that once they are in this friendship zone, they have got no clue as to how they are actually going to get out from it.

Another incident can be that they might have actually established what they require from a girl but they fail to obtain the proper follow through which leads to the girl slipping away from them.

Magnetic messaging therefore helps the guys to capture their prey, fulfill their desires within the shortest time possible.

How it works

The designers, Bobby and Rob, invented the magnetic messaging in such a way that the text messages pushes the female hot emotional buttons.

Even though women are too complicated which makes them difficult to be understood, the so much love emotions. It does not matter therefore how strongly the behavior of the girl is, the only secret is that emotions are like injections to her DNA.

All girls show emotions at a certain point. With the help of magnetic messaging, you will be able to realize what lines presses the girl’s emotional buttons and therefore make her to fall in love with you.


  • The designers, Bobby and Rob designed magnetic messaging in a very professional manner which guarantees its quality and is also easy to understand.
  • Magnetic messaging illustrates the mistakes that most of the guys used to do in the past. The knowledge from these mistakes is very important to individuals in that, it helps them to actually keep the attention that they get from the girls. In essence, getting a girl’s phone number is not the prime goal for a guy but instead the guy should get an attraction from her and should therefore maintain it. Beautiful girls have got so many phone numbers from different guys. In order for you to be unique, you need to acquire skills from the magnetic messaging.
  • The two designers Bobby and Rob did a very wonderful job in coming up with the three magnetic texting. If you use this method then your workload will be reduced and throughout the program you will be in a sit back.
  • The magnetic messaging has got 60 days to guarantee back your money. This makes your investment here to be completely safe. In case you feel that you are not getting the required results, then you can return the copy and you get back your full money.
  • Magnetic messaging builds up your self-esteem and confidence not only with girls but also with the people who live around you. The way you live your life will also be changed to the better.


Magnetic messaging is a guide that contains quality information about how you will improve your dating games.

No one ever guarantees for the results when it comes to dating but the magnetic messaging gives you techniques which has been tested and proven by so many people.

If you therefore follow this program, then you will eventually emerge with the desired results. I therefore recommend it to any guy who would like to improve their texting skills.