Revolutionary Sex 3.0 Reviews

Revolutionary sex is a product that discusses various approaches to sex and the concepts one needs to know in order to have more amazing and fulfilling sex.

It does not discuss the specific techniques rather it talks about the proper approach to sex. Most women are known to fake orgasms therefore revolutionary sex aims at teaching men everything about what women would like and also what they would never say.

It will help a man to become a professional at the art of sex which will drive any woman insane in bed and leave her begging for more.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The creator is a professional expert in relationships, dating and sex known as Alex Allman.

What Is Included In The Program?

Some of the issues included in the program are various tips for breathing and relaxing to control coming quickly, how to deal with impatient and frustrated women, techniques to delay orgasm, how penis size can be increase naturally, 5 positions for best sex and their advantages and disadvantages, what female ejaculation really is, how to control ejaculation and improve the whole lovemaking experience, how numbing creams should be used and various recommendations if you are using them, how to make a woman come naturally, the role of stacking orgasms and multiple orgasms and many more.

This ebook contains three chapters. In the first chapter, it focuses on the man whereby he learns how he can become sexually attractive, how to stop getting performance anxiety during sex and how he can last for long in the bedroom.

Being sexually active will also arouse the woman you have sex with. In order to avoid performance anxiety, you should be patient and be fully present in that moment with all your thoughts and most importantly focus on the woman.

In the second chapter, the creator of the program talks about the woman. Here a man learns the various stages of female and how to make a woman come especially for those who do not easily.

The creator of the program then goes ahead to talk about essential things a man should do to give a woman her first orgasm.

A man should concentrate on things such as touching, foreplay, conditional rhythm response, giving the woman permission and listening with their body and emotions.

There are also sex positions such as the Plank, Reaching Arounds, Doggy G and the G star which are great for a man and woman to come easily.

In the third chapter, the advice given to the man and the woman in the first and second chapters is combined to make you great in bed.

This is the height of the whole program because when you fully understand this chapter, then all you need is a little bit of practice to perfect your newly found skills.

In this program you will learn that as much as sex is important to keeping your relationship stable, there are other things such as eye contact, communication, passion and many more which are as equally important.

A man's emotional connection to a womanish thus very essential for this to work.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

This product is definitely not a scam. It has been utilized by several buyers who only have positive reviews about it.

It also comes with a reliable cash back guarantee thus you can ask for your money back if it does not give you the anticipated results within 60 days of trying the product.

All you have to do is to send the producer of the program a short email so that you can be paid back every single cent you spent.

The product has also been around for quite a while since 2006 and has definitely been used by many people which proves that it is not a scam because if it were people would not still be talking about it and buying it.

List of Pros

  1. It concentrates on the concepts and approaches to sex at a deeper level where one can learn the important how to’ tips and techniques by himself.
  2. The information, tricks and tips found in this eBook is very valuable and is not easily found in other places in the market.
  3. It helps you to enhance your sex life through development of better sex skills and also builds your confidence at the same time.
  4. The concepts learnt from this eBook will help set a firm foundation for endless satisfaction and sexual pleasure for you and your partner
  5. It discusses the myths and misconceptions that hinder men from exploring and achieving sexual pleasure with their partners.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidates for this product are those men who want to give their partners pleasurable and unforgettable experiences in bed and also those who do not have an interesting approach to sex and do not fully understand sex.

Its simple pleasure-controlling and emotional techniques focus on making men better at sex by helping them focus on the woman’s mind during sex.

Does The Product Work?

All the information provided in this book is practical and is grounded in reality. It also gives real advice on how a man should approach his sex life and works towards teaching and giving him all that he needs to have a great sex life.

From the positive reviews that can be seen all over the internet, those who have read this book have reported improves sexual performance and they have also rejuvenated their failing relationships which proves that this product produces excellent results for the users.


This product is recommended for men whose relationships have hit a dead end because the failed to satisfy their partners in bed.

It will help them to rediscover themselves and learn many new things about how they can improve their bedroom skills.

Women who are adventurous and want to help their men understand them through their bodies can also read this book to know what it is about them that pleases men in bed.