The Obsession Method Reviews

The Obsession Method is a unique program that teaches men how to get a woman to fall in love with them. They provide you with the secret and technique to take advantage of the psychological mindset of the women and to exploit that to obtain her respect, attraction, and intense love.

The Obsession Method

It’s based on the advanced research conducted by Harvard psychologist that is designed to get you the women of your dreams.

The technique does not dwell on your limitations but is created to entice a woman and have her desire you until she has you in her arms.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The Obsession Method is created by Kate Spring, a dating coach from Vancouver, Canada. She is an expert in showing men how to become irresistible to the woman of their dreams.

Kate offers coaching and guidance to transform the most awkward dude into a ladies man. She has proven countless times that any man, even the chubby, short, and unemployed, can make a woman become emotionally and sexually attracted to him.

Kate has graduated from the University of Victoria and has been enthusiastic about helping people reach their relationship goals.

She wants to help her clients to create long-lasting and satisfying relationships. When she’s not coaching a client, she enjoys binge watching Netflix or hiking in the outdoors with her two dogs and fiancé.

She runs a popular YouTube channel called Love Learning and has an incredible social media following along with creative and unique advice in her blog.

What Is Included In The Obsession Method Program?

If you purchase the program, you get a variety of goodies in store. The first thing that you will notice is a couple of ebooks, such as “how to make her approach you?” “get her into bed,” and “how to have sexual conversations with women.” These e-books can provide you with useful tips and tricks to make her fall in love with you.

The program also contains strategies and techniques such as:

Precision tactics

With the Precision tactics, you will learn how to make the move on your pretty lady. This would include the proper way to ask her out on a date, kiss her, and escalate further to sex and intimacy.

Unstoppable pickup

In this section, you will learn the direction approach where the program will teach you what to say to the girl that you really like. The program is designed to make any girl interested and light up when she sees you.

Turn it on

With this program, you will learn about the spring seduction system that will get any girl horny and desire to have sex with you.


In this section, you will learn a special seduction technique that will implement various subtle sexual thoughts in her head.

The thoughts will manifest into her dreams, which can trigger sexual parts of her mind to make her want to sleep with you.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

If you are ready to find love and make her fall madly in love with you, then it’s time to purchase the Obsession Method. Once you make the payments of $69.95, you will get instant access to the product.

The first step is to download the PDF files of the e-book that they have to offer. After that, you get access to the video which provides tricks and techniques to get into the psychological mindset of the woman and get her aroused and obsess over you every second of the day.

This is a comprehensive relationship program that shows you the proper phrases, body language, and technique to get a woman hook to your every move.

It has proven tactics that can implement the intense desire in the hearts and minds of any woman out there. With this program, you can rest a sure that you can get any woman of your dreams despite your appearance or economic situation.

This is definitely not a scam; the creator Kate Spring has many years of experience as a dating coach and consultant. She has taken this experience to create a program to teach people out there how to get the girl of their dreams.

List of Good Points / Pros

  1. Instant Access to the program after making a payment.
  2. Obtain Harvard psychological research and to uncover a loophole in the mindset of every woman.
  3. Easy to follow and comprehensive program that teaches you how to get any woman to find you irresistible.
  4. Learn from the worlds best dating consultant, and never have to get rejected again.
  5. Creative and useful tactics and techniques that you will not get anywhere else.
  6. Highly affordable program with lessons and skill sets that are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

If you are tired of getting rejected or Friend zoned by the woman you love, then this is the program for you. Sometimes, people could be very awkward or career-oriented to the point where they don’t understand the women’s mindset.

This can lead to very disastrous results with multiple dating rejections and embarrassing situations. People often blame their outward appearance or economic status, however, it’s more complicated than that.

When you finally understand the psychology in the woman’s mind and what makes her tick or how to get her attracted to you, you will know that everything that you have done in the past was wrong.

This program is designed for individuals who want a long-lasting relationship with the woman they love but aren’t able to achieve that due to a variety of issues and flaws.

The program helps you build self-confidence and tell you the common mistakes that men often make so you can avoid them.

Also, it provides you with strategies and techniques to get her attention so she will be hooked when she sees you. With all of this in mind, this is definitely a program to help get the underdog back on top of the world.

Does The Program Work?

After purchasing the program, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. This is to show confidence that the program does work. After all, if it doesn’t, why would they offer the money-back guarantee.

Another thing is that there are countless testimonies by customers who have raved about how the program has opened their eyes to the dating world.

With the program, clients have learned about the secret language that will make any woman fall uncontrollably over them.

Plus, they also learn about the encrypted communication that allows you to hack into their minds and get complete control over it. Customers have used this program to their advantage and were able to get the woman of their dreams.


Getting a girl in this present-day era can be very difficult. This is mainly because social media has made it possible for everybody to connect to a larger group of audience.

That means they can pick and choose whoever they want to be as their partner in life. Unfortunately if you fall into the categories of short, old, fat, ugly, or broke, then your chances of getting a hot girl to date you can be pretty slim.

Luckily, the obsession method will provide you with the right tools and mindset to get any girl of your dreams. This program is highly recommended for men who want a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with the woman he loves.

It gives the underdog a chance to fight back and to seduce the woman he desires. It provides useful tactics and technique that helps you to understand a woman’s mindset, so you will not be making the same mistakes over and over again.

With this program, it can definitely change your life and give you a fighting chance to get your fantasy girl. Therefore, this program is recommended for any dudes out there who are hiding behind the doors and walls, thinking that they are not good enough for the girls. After the ebooks and the video, any guy will have the guts ask the girl out.